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Updated: Apr 6, 2019

The idea for locallyus came to us one night after we returned from two months of travels. Taylor and I have a thing called “teeth-bonding” which started in college due to communal bathrooms… and it’s kinda stuck ever since. It’s our weird best friend thing we do, don’t judge us – OK! Every night we would brush our teeth and just recap on stuff that went on during the day. Some of our wildest idea’s developed while brushing our teeth – ya know, just daydreaming over toothpaste and retainers.

Tay on the left & me (Miranda) on the right. Taken during our 2 months of traveling!

Flash back to returning from our trip, where we had seen so many cities, countries, and cultures. High off our travels we started brainstorming how we could keep traveling but with a purpose. Everywhere we went there were local shops and farmer markets. We had wandered down so many small streets where people owned unique businesses that created the magic allowing each place to feel so special and we realized that this is what we needed to capture. We wanted to help everyone feel that magic and get to know the incredible individuals that they otherwise may never know about. We live in a world where distance no longer matters because with the tap of a button you can connect with anyone, anywhere… so that is exactly what we did.

Our logo was born.. Shout out to ylime.designs (Emily Tibero) for this beauty!

The choice to create a subscription box was one we thought long and hard about. There is a lot of planning and logistical components that go into it, making it a bit more complex than a regular online website, but we felt it was the best way to create a channel to travel through via our boxes. We know people have a tendency to gravitate toward familiarity– if I’m from New York I would lean toward New York related things, but we really wanted to push those boundaries. A subscription box model forces customers to take a risk on not knowing where the next box is going to be from. It’s the materialistic version of spinning a globe and going wherever your finger lands.

It took about a year of tossing ideas around before one day we just decided, let’s do this thing! We started thinking about who we wanted our boxes to reflect and naturally we were led to like-minded women who are also chasing after a dream. We began connecting with female entrepreneurs here in Boston where we live and are based out of and received so much unexpected support and excitement around our idea. It was then that we knew this box needed to be about more than just traveling but encouraging and supporting other women to do exactly what we set out to accomplish.

Now we are here, a month into our launch, not quite where we want to be, but well on our way. With our very first spring box out in the world supporting the women of Boston, we’re feeling very proud that we finally took a chance on this idea we dreamt up. Planning has begun for the next seasonal box (summer!) and we think everyone is going to love the location, brands, and women behind them that we have chosen to share with you. If you chose to read and made it this far, Thank you! Thank for listening to our story, for believing in our mission and for supporting us. This company is about so much more than just another subscription box, it’s about building connections, small brands, and dreams. Our Dream. The Maker’s Dreams. And hopefully encouraging you too – to take a trip, open your eyes, and dream big.



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