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Updated: Apr 6, 2019

It’s easy to come up with ideas. To think of the final destination and how wonderful it will be when you finally get there. The tough part though, is figuring out how to get there. What happens between the start and end?

Recently we have been experiencing this challenge as we launch and grow locallyus. As big dreamers and go-getters, we are never short of ideas. We have so many that sometimes we find ourselves going off on tangents but never fully committing to one thing. Sometimes too many ideas can actually bite you in the ass, especially if you try to execute without a good plan.

In our case, locallyus is new. We don’t have a huge following yet, nor do we have a ton of capital to invest in things we might want to. Ideas take time and money – we seem to forget that sometimes. ;) Not to mention we still have full-time corporate jobs that can make that time component pretty tricky.

This doesn’t mean that we are going to stop coming up with ideas to grow and give our brand a unique touch. BUT it does mean that we need to be more strategic and think about what our end goal is and which initiatives will help us get there. We want to host events, brunches with our makers, have a space that’s not our apartment to hold inventory (seriously, our apartment has become a maze of boxes) , organize photo shoots, upgrade the quality of boxing materials, improve our website….. the list goes on. So where do we start?

First we start by stopping. By taking a moment to realize how far we have already come and what worked in getting us there. Then we make a list of all the ideas running through our head and write down everything needed to make them a reality. Money, time, skills, employees… everything and anything. When you can see every resource that goes into accomplishing a goal, you can better visualize what it will take to make it happen and the ultimate value it will bring you.

We like to go through and truly think about each of these things, and we slowly begin to weed ideas out. Don’t worry, they are not gone forever, just pushed to the side for a time when we are better suited to act on them. Some of our ideas we don’t have the resources yet to see them through to their greatest potential, and nothing is worse than a premature idea flopping before you. We have learned as new business owners, that no matter how much hustle and passion we have, “winging it” (which trust us is inevitable and something we do ALL the time because… life) is just not an option for long term success.

As we went through this process we realized there were two things that we have and wouldn’t be without. Our Makers and Ourselves! Our business would literally not exist without those two groups of people, which is why we have chosen to focus on our ideas that most closely align with our people. Our Makers believe in us the way we believe in them and have taken a chance on a new business collaboration. That means the world to us, because it is the epitome of what our business is about: women encouraging women.

Since the start we have wanted to use our business platform as a way to connect women and our Maker’s are the focal point of that. We have decided to host a Maker’s brunch, which will become a traditional event after each season’s box. It is our way of thanking, celebrating, and connecting the incredible women that have been such a huge part of our journey!

The other idea we have acted on is this blog! We realized that our story is an important part of what makes our company and boxes so special and not just Another Subscription Box! We have been so focused on social media growth and packing that we forgot to embrace the story – the personality behind locallyus. We hope to share and get to know you through our blog, because like I mentioned, our goal is to connect people and we want nothing more than to connect with each and every one of you.

So for now, this is where our idea’s have led us. As we wrap up our morning in this little coffee shop, we are leaving with a plan that is going to help us grow within our current means, stay true to our brand’s initial goals, and ultimately make sure we don’t have an “idea flop” (a term I just made up, but is pretty dang fitting!). Our hope is that this encourages you, a small business owner, a big business owner, just a gal trying to figure out your next move… whatever it may be, lay your ideas out and establish a path of purpose.



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