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The last 8 months have been a rollercoaster, and as the sales of our first box come to a close and we prepare for our summer box, we can’t help but to reflect on all of it. From our very first Instagram post in October, to the first maker that was crazy enough to think our idea would work, to the 6 other makers who also thought our idea would work and to our family, friends, and customers that believed in our mission and supported our dream, we are grateful. But if you asked us this early one March morning when we were up at the crack of dawn trying to get the perfect lighting for product photos or the countless hours we spent trying to figure out the perfect Instagram caption, or the number of times we thought nobody is going to buy this or I just want some sleep, we never thought we would say wow this was so worth it. (Actually we kinda did, but some days it feels like you’re never going to get to that moment.) But that's what chasing your dreams is all about: having those super high highs and low lows and everything in between! It’s also what inspired us to create our very own event series Dream Darlin’.

Like locallyus, this is not something Miranda and I thought of overnight. I think this idea actually might have existed before locallyus. I mean, that means nothing with us as over the course of our friendship we have come up with countless business plans (our travel blog that lasted about a week, a cosmetic line that we found out would take our life savings to even make a prototype and, our countless restaurant and food truck ideas, but you get the point. We wanted an event where women could connect organically and learn and grow from one another. We also wanted an event where people that were successful in following their own dreams could inspire others to chase after theirs.

That being said, this is not your typical networking event. You know the ones I’m talking about, where you drag one of your friends to go along with you. You only talk to your friend, and then there’s a panel. Where someone always has to ask how can I negotiate a higher salary, how do I ask for a promotion, I feel like I’m the only female in a room full of males, and then you leave not speaking to anyone else and wondering why you even wasted your time. While all this stuff is important, and you should ask for that raise or promotion (KNOW YOUR WORTH! I did it and it was the best feeling in the world!), that’s not what we are going for. We want an event that promotes organic conversation, and we want our attendees to feel inspired when they leave.

The goal of Dream Darlin’ is to bring like minded people together to learn from one another and grow. Set up similar to a networking event ,we leave the first hour of the event for socializing (and treats!) and the second hour for a panel of the makers featured in our box (we are actually thinking of turning this into a “fireside chat” after our Charleston event. We loved how the end turned into an organic conversation between the audience and the panel). Here we ask our makers a set of our questions. Mostly, things that we are always wondering when it comes to starting your own business such as, what inspired you to start? How do you balance a full time job and a side hustle? Are there days you want to give up? Basically anything that we have felt over the last 8 months and then open it to the audience for questions of their own. This allows for not only the audience to pick the makers brains but also lets the makers pick the brains of the audience.

Not to sound cliche, but you leave feeling really good about your passions and knowing that you aren’t the only one who has wild ideas that you never thought would be a reality. If you’re like us, some of your friends and family just don’t understand why this is what you want to do with your lives.And some days that is really hard. Because we know what our purpose is. If you have ever felt that and are looking for that support system to chase your dreams this is the group of women for you!

Interested?!?! Our next event will be coming up in late August/early September in our Fall Box location. In the meantime, I hope this article inspired something. Even if it’s just to take a tiny step.



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